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Title: Stupid Assignment

Type: 1 shot

Pairings: Kyumin

Genre: Fluff??IDK..

Rating: PG

Summary: Sungmin is doing his assignment  when Kyuhyun came and obviously help him.(summary sucks)



Later that night Sungmin is doing his assignment while Kyuhyun is playing starcraft.

"Ugh..I don't get it, this is useless."..Sungmin mumbled.

"Yah!..what are you doing?"..Kyuhyun interrupt him.

"I'm doing my assignment so leave me alone!"…

"Oh, I see."..Kyuhyun smirked..

Kyuhyun grab the chance to steal Sunmgin's assignment notebook.

"Yah give me that!"…

"This is so all wrong Minnie, are you really studying?"…

"Are you just here to insult me?!"..Sungmin furrow his eyebrows.

"Of course not, I'm here to help."..

"Just give it back. Give it,give it to me!"..Sungmin yelled

"Oh..I mislook, you have 1 correct answer..Hahaha."..Kyuhyun laughed.

"Just give me that damn notebook and could you stop laughing!.You're so annoying."..Sungmin glared at him.

"Just calm down okey,I'm just trying to help."..

"I don't need your help.I can do it by myself."..Sungmin retorted.

"I don't think so Minnie just let me help you."..


"I know you need me."..Kyuhyun smirked..

"Aish..he's right I need him,I mean I need him to help me but-."..Sungmin pause..


"Alright!..I know you're not taking this for free. So what do you want/need?"..

"You'll know it later."…Kyuhyun grinned.

Sungmin knew that Kyuhyun wants something..He's the evil maknae anyway..Sungmin went outside to get some food and  just in right time when he came back Kyuhyun did finish Sungmin's assignment already.


"Yeah I know, so name it!..Sungmin crossed his arms.

He did'nt expect what to happen next when Kyuhyun suddenly lean down and captured his lips..Though it's just a short kiss Kyuhyun really taste him..Sungmin push him away and the latter fell back..

"Why did you do that?!"..Sungmin glared at him.

"I need to recharge you know,after doing your assignment I'm so exhausted."..

"What do you think of me, some kind of a charger?!"..

Kyuhyun just nod and turn his back with a big smile plastered in his lips..

"Stupid assignment!"..Sungmin mumbled.
I failed to post this on jan.1st...I'm so sorry Minnie...HAppy b-day...
Mimi7 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Charger!Sungmin is awesome ^^
It was lovely c:
DirEnGrey-Love Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, this is great!
klouser2 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011
I really don't write fics, but yeah I tried...

thank you so much for reading...^^
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